More to Love From Ninetonine

First of all, I’m just going to insist that you visit Ninetonine’s website and examine it thoroughly.  This Spanish company has an English version of their site where you’ll be able to see all of their products and beautiful photos.

I’m so happy that Ninetonine products are becoming more accessible to us in the US and that they have been expanding their line.  I’ve had their zebra crib on buymoderncribs for a while, and just last month I was excited to add three more pieces to the guides on BuyModernBaby.

My first two new additions were the Kits Rocking Horse (in either white or gray) and Kits Shelf from the Kits Collection.  I have a soft spot for rocking toys and since no nursery should be without books, you need plenty of book storage.  The Kits collection also includes a play table with seating options.

I also added these pieces from the Nona collection.  This is an incredibly gorgeous set with a two-tone changer and a white or wood crib.

This last design is not yet in production but is so drool-worthy that I had to share.  The Neo crib transforms into the most elegant little toddler bed you’ve ever seen.

You can purchase any of these items (except the Neo crib) as well as their original line of products directly from ninetonine and they ship around the world.  There are also a few select retailers (Spunky Sprout in the US) that carry ninetonine.

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