Uptown Espresso Kitchen from KidKraft

I adore play kitchens.  Ohdeedoh has an incredible play kitchen series so I don’t generally post about them myself.  There are so many great and creative kitchen play sets to buy or make yourself.  I’m not the handiest person and I don’t have tons of time for crafty projects so I’m not going to make one (that’s why the site is BUY modern baby).  In looking at the options available to purchase, I’ve never found anything that was quite right until now.  I finally found the one that would work in our home!  Coming soon from KidKraft, the Uptown Espresso Kitchen is just what I’ve been looking for!

From what I can tell, it will retail for $180 so it would be a perfect as a holiday gift– especially shared between my two boys.

See how perfectly it would fit in our home?  Here’s a photo of our kitchen the night it was finished.  We redid the entire kitchen 2 years ago- keeping the layout the same as the original.  The kitchen overlooks the family room.

Now that I think about it, I actually did make a play kitchen once when my oldest was very little…

It went into the recycling bin when we moved 🙂

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