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I’ve had my eye on CUNA‘s collection of nursery furnishings for a while, but there weren’t many pictures of the pieces that I could use.  All I had seen for years was computer renderings of the designs, but now there are a few photos of these highly exclusive bassinets, dressers, play tables and chairs.

First they have the CUNA Bee Collection.  This collection includes a bassinet, dresser, Cool-Stool, Play N’ Learn table and chair set and the Rock N’ Roll Toro.

Here you can see the bassinet and dresser in natural with a Strawberry accent.

Using a separate conversion kit, the bassinet becomes a desk and toy box set.

The Play N’ Learn Table and Chair Set is a unique design,

and my favorite might be the Rock N’ Roll Toro (as I have a fondness for rocking toys).

The Bee collection is available at a few select retailers including my affiliate AllModernBaby.  Prices for items in this collection reflect their exclusive nature.  Bassinet set retails for about $1600, the dresser is $1950.  The Play N’ Learn Table and Chair Set is $1085 and the Rock N’ Roll Toro is $796.

CUNA’s second collection is the Hive Collection.  I’m partial to this one but I haven’t found actual photos of these pieces yet.  The Hive Collection includes a Bassinet (that converts into a playtable and toybox), Dresser, Twin Bed, Kids Chairs, and a Step Stool.

The CUNA Hive collection can also be found at my affiliate partner  The dresser retails for about $1000, the twin bed is about $1410 and the bassinet set is $900.  The Hive Chair that goes with the play table is $167.

Finally, CUNA has these cute wood hand puzzles called CUNANIMALS.

You can find a cute set of CUNANIMALS for $29.  These would make a lovely gift.

I think CUNA has lots of interesting designs but if I had to give them one piece of advice, I’d recommend they hire a good photographer to do the collection some justice.

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