My Modern Guest from With Two Cats

My great love for the blog with two cats is no secret.  Lauren’s posts have been featured at least three times in my “links to love” and I’m grateful today to share her talents and creativity with you.  You’ve probably already seen her daughter Violet’s nursery as it was featured everywhere under the sun (and deservedly so!).  I’m excited to have Lauren filling in for me today.  Hopefully my family vacation isn’t as much of a circus as this fun mood board!  Just add your favorite crib, dresser and rocker and you’re good to go.

Circus Nursery Mood Board

with two cats

Hi, it’s Lauren here guest posting from with two cats!  Everywhere I look these days I’m seeing all things circus – it’s such a popular theme for nurseries and birthday parties alike.  Who doesn’t love colorful stripes, festive flags and exotic animals?  If you’re looking to add a little three-ring fun to your little one’s space, here’s a roundup for you of all things circus-inspired:


Softie Doll – L’uomo Forzuto – The Circus Strongman from Contemori on etsy- $45
Curtains – Vitaminer Vimpel pair of curtains from Ikea- $25
Garland – Oeuf Flag Garland– $58
Pouf – Circus Pouf Ottoman- $192
Rug – Draper Stripe Ink/Cream Rug from DwellStudio 5’x8′- $200
Blanket – Taj Blanket from Rikshaw Design- $68
Print – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic from Bird Ave on etsy- $20
Lamp – Utopia Elephant Lamp from Jonathan Adler- $350
Lion Pillow – Little Lion – Handmade Stuffed Animal from eggagogo on etsy- $12

Bunting – Spots and Stripes Fabric Birthday Banner–  from Betty and Barclay- $25
Giraffe Dots Print – Balancing Act 7″ x 9″ from VioletMay on etsy- $19.20
Alphabet Print – ABC Circus Print. A Love Letter. from 2142stuart on etsy- $12
Ferris Wheel Hoop – Classic Ferris Wheel from Layne81 on etsy- $20
Bunting Rug – Flags Dhurrie from Hable Construction
Crib- Caravan Crib from Kalon Studios- $695
Ringmaster Hoop – Cross Stitch Moustachioed Man Wall Hanging from MaMagasin on etsy- £30.00 (about $50.10)
Lion Plushie – Primitive folk-artsy stuffed Lion from rosiesrecycledcrafts on etsy- $12
Ferris Wheel from CB2- $80

Mobile – Eco Friendly Circus Wood Mobile- $73.95

And an added bonus: your little one will never run off to join the circus!  Want to see more of my roundups and idea boards?  Visit me over at with two cats.

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9 thoughts on “My Modern Guest from With Two Cats

  1. Anyone know of some other sources for the vintage circus pouf? The source listed no longer carries it and the salesgirl I spoke with said it was discontinued by the manufacturer.

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