2 May 2011, 10:26am
coming soon!:

Culla Belly Co-Sleeper: Coming Soon?

These pictures have been all over the baby blog world and mothers-to-be were salivating over the possibility of having one of these Culla Belly co-sleepers in their bedroom.  Designed by Manuela Busetti and Andrea Garuti of Studio di Progettazione, this beauty won first place at the Playing Design’s International Design Competition for children’s design back in 2007

Well…. it seems these are now one step closer to reality!  Of course, the design has lost a little of its perfection in the translation to reality, but compared to most of the co-sleepers currently on the market, I’m sure that it will be well received.

The Belly cradle will be coming out this month (not in the US) and will be available as shown in red and white.  Other colors may become available in the future.  There is also no accessory yet to turn the co-sleeper into a stand alone bassinet but I’m sure everyone would be interested in having that option as well.

More information on pambaby.it (in Italian).
via DecoPeques

UPDATE 2015:  Culla Belly was available in the US for a short time (if you’re in Italy or know Italian, check here). I imagine that safety regulations kept this from coming to market in the form that everyone admires, but there are some alternatives that meet current safety standards and will do the job…

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This is the most amazing innovation ever. I wish it’ll become a reality soon! Definitely reblogging it!

Belly B

What about this co-sleeper? Has anyone ever used it or heard anything about it? It looks pretty modern to me.


I love the bednest but have been holding off talking about it until we can buy it in the US. They will ship it to us here in North America though- so please take a look at it if you’re interested in an attractive co-sleeper.

Does anyone know how I would go about buying one of these co-sleeper. I absolutely love it but can’t find a way to purchase. Any help anyone could give me would be appreciated.

23 Dec 2011, 7:46pm
by john michael

I just recently built one for my sister and her new born son. She absolutley loved it. I would be willing to build for those who might want one. I have pictures of the one I built. Its not perfect but I definately learned from it. I know my next one could be so much better.

were could i get one?

24 May 2012, 4:55am
by Bettina

I bought a babybay, and enjoyed it very much. You find it here: http://www.babybay.de

20 Oct 2012, 9:29am
by Michelle Hurst

Has this became a reality….I love the one in the photos attached to the bed….It would work perfect for our bed….HOW CAN WE GET ONE???

Emailed you. But, no. This one never seems to have come to fruition 🙁

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22 Oct 2015, 11:54pm
by juan pablo

where buy a Culla Belly Co-Sleeper in mexico city? or please leave a diler phone number

Kisiera una culla bellas y de México como le hago donde las consigo y cuanto cuestan

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