Hankering For Hippos

Giraffes may be all the rage right now but I’m also pretty partial to hippos.

1- DwellStudio for Target Hippo Crib Set– $85

2- Animal Caravan Double Sided Hippo from ZidZid Kids- $44

3- 3 Sprouts Organic Storage Bin, Purple Hippo– $38

4- Modern Animal Clock- Hippo from decoylab- $68

5- Hip Hop Hooray by Lee Walsh- £25.00 (ships to the US)

6- Jellycat Cordy Roy Hippo- (hurry to get yours- I saw one at Anthropologie today)

7- Visit the Zoo- WPA Art Mini Print from Roosevelt- $10

8- Modern Basics Fleece Hippo Blanket

9- Natural Hippo Teething Toy from littlesaplingtoys- $12

10- Kinderglo Portable Fun and Safe Rechargeable Night Light, Hippo
Zuny Series Hippo (Budy) Brown Animal Bookend

fawn&forest fawnandforest.com

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