Mystery Solved: Nursery Art from Skårt

Last week I showed you Tommy’s modern nursery on Fox’s new sit-com “Traffic Light.”  I was really disappointed that I couldn’t figure out where the artwork over the crib was from but now that mystery is solved!

Sara from Skårt (original, earth-friendly, hand-crafted artwork) spotted her work in the last post!

The room features a set of three screen printed dancing robots on stained birch panels.  Lock-Bot, Pop-Bot and Hustle-Bot each sell for $45.  The piece in the center is The Aviary, which is available for $108. has a great selection of  nursery art pieces.  They are all hand-made and silk screen printed on FSC certified wood.  The paints are water based and certified eco friendly.  My very favorites are these planes for $89 each.

I love the way the wood shows through in the pieces and that you can select custom colors or designs as well.

Take a look at the full range of designs and you’re bound to find something to suit your space.  Skårt also sells paper prints in their etsy shop.

Round Owl - Handprinted on Paper - Sunglow color

These owl prints are fabulous for $20 a piece and I’m inspired by their pairing with Super Natural Baby bedding.  One of my favorites!

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