Baby Feeding Featured Brand: Beaba

As you may already know, we’ll be debuting buymodernfeeding on at the end of the month, so we’re spending the few weeks leading up to that introducing our top favorite feeding brands and products.  Last week we talked about Boon Inc. and today I’m excited to show you the variety of products from Beaba.  In North America, Beaba is distributed by Scandinavian Child so you can visit the North American Beaba website or the company’s main website (where you’ll find all the stuff that we don’t have in the states).

The star of the Beaba lineup is the Babycook, which steams and purees to make fresh homemade baby food.  There are several accessories to jazz up your Babycook including a bag to carry it in, a rice cooker, and a seasoning ball.  The companion Beaba Babycook Book with 85 full-color recipes make the whole thing fool-proof.

Once you’re done making the baby food, you’ve got to have some place to keep it.  Beaba has got you covered there too.  There are several convenient storage options as well as utensils that help the food get to its final destination!

1- Portions Set of 4 containers for heating and freezing
2- Multi-portions store 7 individual 1/4 cup portions
3- Babypote is a squeezable container for food on the go
4- First Stage Spoons are soft and designed for an adult to feed baby
5- Spoon and Fork Sets include 6 spoons and 4 forks
6- Ergonomic Cutlery & Case is for baby’s utensils on the go

Finally, Beaba has a range of plates, bowls and cups that cover mealtime through toddlerhood.

7- LunchBox has a plate, a container with 2 compartments, a “keep-warm” lid and a spoon and fork set
8- Cup Set includes three little cups for learning to drink with an open top
9- Soft Bowl Set includes 3 plastic bowls
10-  Soft Plate Set includes 3 plastic plates

To get to know more about Beaba’s Babycook, take a look at their video.

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