The Great Crib Bumper Debate

Three years ago, a study concluded that crib bumpers were to blame in the deaths of a number of babies.  There was a wave of concern that rippled through many parent communities, but overall, not much changed.  Most crib bedding on the market is still sold as a set that includes a bumper, and the issue has gotten less and less attention until now.

This week, the New York Times reopened the discussion about the safety of crib bumpers.  The Consumer Products Safety Commission will be examining crib bedding to determine what exactly the safety issues are.  This could have a huge effect on the way crib bedding is sold and the types of products that are offered.

I am informed about the issue but have a bumper on our crib (though the babies slept in our room for the first six months).  I have crib bumpers in a majority of my nursery design boards, although I haven’t included any in the last few.

What are your thoughts?

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