New Addition: Kate Spade Diaper Bags

This isn’t breaking news or anything, but Kate Spade designs diaper bags.  I have to confess, that my diaper bag is a Kate Spade.  I’ve had it more than 5 years (and it looks good as new!), yet in all that time I failed to add Kate Spade to moderndiaperbags.  I’m happy to have finally rectified that situation and make sure that Kate Spade is among your contenders in that search for the perfect diaper bag.

My bag is most similar to today’s Nylon Maryanne Baby Bag.  It’s simple, straightforward, chic and sturdy.

But Kate Spade is not limited to basic black and boxy…

And if I had to pick one to replace what I’ve got, I’d snap up a Serena Baby Bag in a second!

You can find Kate Spade Baby Bags through my amazon affiliate link or at fine retailers near you.

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