My Modern Nursery #32: Warm Espresso

The inspiration for this room was the “Houses and Birds” art and wall decals from Judy Kaufmann’s etsy shop.  I love the colors and the design of the houses and put everything together around them.

1- De Viaje Print from blancucha- $28
Alphabet Linocut Print from thebigharumph- $20

2- Houses and Birds Vinyl Wall Decal from JudyKaufmann’s etsy shop- $95

3- Babyletto Modo Dresser– $400

4- Blossom Baby Mobile from Puka Puka- $84

5- Babyletto Modo Crib– $389

6- Surya Goa rug 5’x8′- $570

7- Houses and Birds Print from Judy Kaufmann’s etsy shop- $38

8- Candela Roomi– $30

9- Neo Rocking Chair from Ligne Roset- this is a show-stopper, but any awesome orange, pink, green or aqua rocker or glider would do!

10- ABC Chocolate Rocking Horse– $79

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