Ducduc Knows How It’s Done

Ducduc was one of the original modern baby brands, and back five years ago they were on my earliest lists of cribs, dressers/changers and rockers on buymodernbaby.com.  When they show a modern nursery, they know exactly what they’re doing.  I just discovered some new photos they posted on ducducnyc.com and you’ve got to take a look. With so much new nursery furniture coming out all the time, I sometimes forget about ducduc’s extensive line.  I’m so glad these pictures came out to remind me just how much awesome they have going on over there.  Take a look:

Pink nursery featuring AJ armoire, AJ crib and AJ 3 drawer changer:

Neutral nursery featuring Alex changer, Parker playtable (I’ve always wanted one of these), Collins rocker, Alex crib, Alex armoire and Alex 4 drawer dresser:

Girl’s nursery featuring Alex crib, Alex armoire, and Parker playtable:

Boy’s nursery featuring Austin 3 drawer dresser, Austin crib and Austin 6 drawer armoire:

Girl’s nursery featuring Austin crib, Austin 3 drawer dresser and Collins rocker:

Boy’s nursery featuring Collins rocker, Cabana credenza and Cabana canopy crib:

Gender neutral nursery featuring Dylan bonding bench, Dylan crib, Dylan dresser and Dylan plinth:

Girl’s nursery featuring the Dylan system:

Girl’s nursery featuring Cabana credenza, Cabana canopy crib and Cabana 3 drawer changer:

There are a few more photos I didn’t post here so if you’re interested, please visit ducduc’s rooms gallery.

You can shop ducduc’s collection at my affiliate Fawn & Forest or any number of online retailers.  It’s not cheap, but it is top-notch and ultra-customizable.

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