Shopping Guide: Wallpaper That Inspires

If you’ve ever had to remove old wallpaper from a home or lived in a home with wallpaper from the 70s, you may be a little shell-shocked to think about wallpaper.  But take a look at some of these fun designs for kids and see if they might change your mind.  I can’t help think that they will be the nightmare of some future generation, but for now they are oh so cool.

My top favorite is Aimee Wilder.  All I can say is wow!  The Robots and Squirrels are too fun, and there’s a pattern called Baby that totally has my mind changed about wallpaper.

Ferm Living has a lot of beautiful patterns in exciting colors.

Hot Air Balloon Wallpaper

DwellStudio has started making custom wallpaper and it is divine.  You enter your wall size, choose the pattern, color, scale and size.  Totally custom and totally awesome.

Olli & Lime have wallpaper as part of their collections.

I love bholu, whether it’s on the floor, on a pillow, or on your walls.

Finally, before I get too carried away here, I have to mention Graham & Brown because we may never have taken notice of wallpaper again if it weren’t for Frames by Taylor and Wood.  They have lots of other fun pattern as well.

And now that I’ve done all that research, I will be sure to add my wallpaper finds as a new category on buymoderndecor!

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