New Addition: Chic Diaper Bags From Momma Couture

Momma Couture is a newer brand of diaper bags for fashion-forward moms.  I don’t particularly consider myself a fashionista, but I appreciate a diaper bag that is practical for toting your kids’ stuff while not being obvious about it.  If you’d carry the bag when you’re out without the kids, it’s a winner to me.

I’m sure you’ll agree that these styles from Momma Couture fit the bill.

I particularly like the City Bag (left), a fully insulated messenger, which starts at $75, and the Playdate (right), which starts at $120 ($245 as shown).

momma couturemomma couture

Get 25% off your purchase with code “Daily25”!  Code is valid thru Nov. 18.

I’ve added Momma Couture to my list of diaper bags at buymoderndiaperbags and you can see my other diaper bag picks there as well.

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