Favorite Foxes on Friday

Owls aren’t the only woodland creatures to think about for your nursery.  Foxes are getting increasingly popular.  With their warm red and orange color, foxes are a cuddly and cute addition to your child’s space.

1- F is for Fox Print from the Little Forest ABC Series 5″x7″ $10 from StephanieFizer

2- FOX 14x18inch recycled felt applique pillow $79 from alexandraferguson

3- Woodland Fox Forest Animal Bookend $80 from graphicspaceswood

4- Little Fox TEETHING TOY $12 from littlesaplingtoys

5- Liam – The Sleepy Woodland Fox $28 from sleepyking

6- Rusty the Fox $40 from SunnyPlum

7- Large Monty the Fox Lambswool Plush $66 from saracarr

8- Red Fox Screenprinted Pillow $26 from sassandperil

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