Coming Soon! New Bedding From Oilo

It was a pleasure for me to finally see Oilo‘s product line in person at ABC Kids Expo last week.

Two really interesting things to tell you about.  First, Oilo will be selling their bedding in regular mattress sizes!  Why is this awesome?  If you design your nursery around your Oilo crib bedding, when your child moves to a twin size bed you don’t have to redecorate- just get the same pattern in twin size!  Also- if parents are using part of their bedroom as the nursery, the crib bedding and parent bedding can match.  Great thinking!

So beautiful- and with an elegant matching headboard.

Oilo also has a brand new pattern called Sticks (I believe).  It’s a gray and white set that I failed to take a picture of but you can see one on Project Nursery’s ABC Kids Expo Sneak Peek.  In the second set of photos, it’s the top right. - Begin life in style

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