Exciting Additions From Argington

Argington had a great showing at ABC Kids Expo last week and I am thrilled to share their new bedding and Bam Bam crib with you.  Back in February, I was so excited by Argington’s new bedding collections that I designed my first nursery inspiration board around their Fish and Pebbles set.  Now they have come up with three brand new bedding patterns that are all completely fabulous.  To top it all off, they are all organic and if that’s not good enough, they retail for less than $200!

The other new product from Argington for 2011 is the Bam Bam Crib.  A part of the Bam nursery collection, the Bam Bam is lower than the Bam Crib and features locking casters.  Shown is a Bam Bam crib with Ginko bedding– looks good to me!

locking casters crib

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