Shopping Guide: Handmade Halloween on etsy

No, I don’t mean handmade by YOU, although if you’ve got the skills go for it!  Thankfully, etsy is there for the rest of us, who love the handmade but don’t have the time or the ability to get all crafty.

Since it is now October, I’m excited to share with you a few great sources for Halloween costumes and accessories that can be found on etsy.

At sweetpeatoadtots’ etsy shop, you will in these sweet knit caps for $42 to $55.  Order fast because they take 2 weeks to ship.

Some of the masks from Katie’s Capes are just too cute and would top off a simple costume ($10-$15).

Your superkids will need their own super cape from Ankle Bitin’ Babies ($28).

Finally you’ll need a basket to collect all the goodies: Trick or Treat Basket from Little Chic Boutique ($14).

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