Milo’s Modern Nursery on Gossip Girl

First I have to tell you that I have never watched a single episode of Gossip Girl and just from fast-forwarding through one episode to find the nursery screenshot, I’m pretty sure I never will.  That being said, they made an effort with Milo’s (cute name!) room and designed a decidedly modern nursery for that little guy in the skull print knit cap!

Screenshot from “Double Identity” episode of “Gossip Girl” on THE CW NETWORK

1- Optic Sea Glass Table Lamp from Crate and Barrel- no longer available

2- Netto Moderne Dresser- $1800

3- Melissa & Doug Huggable and Lovable Giant Plush Panda– $80
Rufus Rocker from Maclaren- $295

4- Melissa & Doug Orangutan in Plush– $50
Melissa & Doug Tiger Plush– $70

5- Stacked Modular Bookcase from West Elm- no longer available
Bholu Mavis Monkey– $58
Bholu Marjorie Duck– $48

6- Futura Cradle from DaVinci Furniture- $105 (no longer available in natural)

7- Flensted Mobiles Shoal of Fish– $58

8- Maclaren 2-in-1 Baby Rocker and Chair, Coffee Brown and Marsh Green– $90

9- Melissa & Doug Giraffe Plush– $100
Bholu Mavis the Monkey Wallpaper

10- Netto Collection Moderne Ebony Crib– $1700
This is the crib that I assume she ordered.  The grandfather brought in a different crib so she canceled her order.

There were no good shots of the other side of the room so I couldn’t make out what the chair in the room is, nor what stuffed animals were placed on the chair.  I think there was a big turtle back there– so I’d have to guess it is Melissa & Doug Giant Plush Stuffed Sea Turtle, but I can’t be sure because, like I said, I really couldn’t get a good look at it.

Milo rides around in a brown joovy Kooper stroller which is also in his room in this scene.

Melissa & Doug-Leading Designer of Education Toys

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