Blik Re-Stick Movable Wall Decals

I have posted about Blik wall decals before, including a post on my favorite Threadless designs for kids’ rooms.  Today’s selections are equally great for a nursery or child’s room with the added bonus of being re-positionable.  If you want to move the furniture or switch rooms, your decals won’t go to waste.  You can peel them up and place them in a better spot.

My first pick is Race Ya’ ($35).  I kinda want to use these on the floor!


Robots are very popular right now and these Giant Robot ($20) are adorable.


If you prefer decals over a framed animal alphabet poster, Alphabet Zoo may be perfect for you ($35).

Alphabet Zoo ~ Re-Stik

Finally, Cloud is really sweet and simple ($25) though you’ll probably want to get at least two packages.


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