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For a few months as your baby’s sight and mobility develop, a play mat (activity mat, baby gym, play gym) is a great place for them to spend a little time playing each day.  I know I used ours a lot until my oldest started crawling.  It was amazing to watch him start to focus his eyes on the toys and then start reaching for them.

I marveled when he started hitting the toys and making them move.

With the second child, you’re a little busier (sadly), and these amazing moments seem to fly by in the blink of an eye.  The play gym takes on the added task of reserving a play area on the floor where the older sibling has to give the baby a little space (or not).

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a lot of care in selecting the play gym we purchased.  It was a bit of an afterthought and I bought the best for the price during a quick trip to Target.  It’s not the most stylish item in our home, but it served its purpose.  Fortunately for you, I’ve since found a few more attractive options and most of them can be found on my affiliate, amazon.

Now these are all-in-one items- with the mat and toys together- but there are also separate play gyms like Ikea’s where you just put it on your own blanket or quilt.  That can be another great option. I’ll do a separate post with those.

1- Kushies Shangrila Activity Mat– $125

2- Kaloo 123 Activity Playmat– $130

3- Skip Hop Activity Mat– $60

4- Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym, Vintage Boy– $56

5- White Dog Gym Playmat– $90

6- Ikea’s Leka Baby Gym– $25

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