Shopping Guide: Flash Sale Sites

If you have kids, know people who have kids, love to shop, or ever need to buy a gift for anyone (have I covered everyone yet?!),  then you should be signed up with all the flash sale sites that have become so popular lately.  I am addicted to checking their daily offerings and look forward to the great deals I score every few weeks.

If you’re not familiar with these sale sites, get started today– you won’t regret it!

Kid focused:

Click for your invitation to The Mini Social. I have placed an order at The Mini Social that I’ve put away as a future gift.  I was pleased with the price, product and speed of delivery.

Click for your invitation to Zulily.  I haven’t ordered anything from Zulily yet but I’ll give it a try when the right deal comes along for me.

Click for your invitation to Totsy.  I had a problem with my first order through Totsy and had to cancel it.  Since then, Totsy has been totally revamped and I look forward to trying them out again.

Have a Kids section:

Click for your invitation to Gilt.  I have placed a couple of orders through Gilt and have been very pleased with the deals.  The items take about a month to ship but they make that clear on the site.

Click for your invitation to Hautelook.  I have recently placed an order but haven’t received it yet (will update after it arrives).

Click for your invitation to Ideeli.  Still waiting to make a purchase from here.  Have to find the right deal.

Sometimes feature kids items:

Click for your invitation to One Kings Lane.  This is the first flash sale site I signed up for and I still consider it the benchmark.

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