New Addition: Emerson House

I’ve been waiting to post this one until the Emerson House was actually available for purchase and now the wait is over!  You can now score one of these beauties from Brinca Dada (if you’ve got $300 to spare) but it might be well worth it; check out this list of amenities:

-two fireplaces
-mitered-glass corners
-sliding glass doors
-solar panels
-recessed LED lights
-non-toxic and lead-free stains and paints

Heck, I’d love to move right in!

The furniture and family are not quite ready yet.  They are scheduled for this holiday season, so I’ll let you know when I see those out.  Here’s a preview from Dwell.

I have added the Emerson House to my list of dollhouses on buymoderntoys so you can see it there along with the other modern dollhouses I have discovered for you to choose from.

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