Shopping Guide: Searching for the Perfect Play Table/Coffee Table

I’ve been looking for the “perfect playtable” for a while now.  My dream table would have a Lego building surface, a train surface and a neutral surface.  It would blend into the decor of our family room and just look like the perfect coffee table.  It wouldn’t be too huge and it would have a great, big storage drawer. Oh– and I don’t want it to cost a fortune.

I have found a few nice play tables in my years of searching, which while they aren’t just what I’m looking for (because that doesn’t exist), they might be just what fits your needs.  Regardless, it is worth taking a look at them.

My functional favorite is the Parker Playtable from ducduc.  It comes in white or natural with a selection of fun colors for the drawer.  You can get the table with a chalkboard top or a paper roll.  At $895, the price is a little steep and the table is a little large for my spaces (46.25″ wide, 15″ high and 30.25″ deep).  I have seen the table in person though and it is a fantastic play surface.  It stays on my mental wish list.

ducduc parker playtable with chalkboard topducduc parker playtable with paper roll

Ducduc’s Austin playtable in another gorgeous choice with a multitude of color choices, but for $1095 or $1195 for the walnut finish, it’s not going to be my pick.  You might like the dry erase surface and hinged top panels however.

Austin playtable from ducduc nyc openAustin playtable from ducduc nyc

The Land of Nod has another play table I have been admiring.  The Adjustable Height Mojo Play Table would make a great coffee table/play table. With the drawer, the chair retails for $479.  This has been at the top of my list for a while now but I’d love to see it in person first and I’m afraid I have too much dark wood in the family room/kitchen already.

Mojo Table from The Land of NodMojo Table

The Nest Play Table ($599)  is beautiful as a coffee table and a lovely play surface but doesn’t come with any storage.  If you already have a Nest Bassinet however, you have purchase a conversion kit for $399 that will transform it into a play table with toy bin.


The Scando Table is another beautiful coffee table that would make a great play surface.  The storage is minimal of course and the table is extremely low however–  only 11″ high.  My kids would use it as a step, not a table!  For $500 it’s a lovely choice for some of you.

There are lots of other play sized tables and table and chair sets that I could share with you but these are my best bets that would double as coffee tables as well.  If you have any other suggestions along these lines PLEASE feel free to share.  I’d still love to find that perfect play table.

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