My Modern Nursery #19: “Goodnight Moon” All Ikea Room!

After my “Goodnight Moon” nursery post, I got a comment from a reader who had sourced items from Ikea for a child’s bedroom to recreate the same theme!

Georgeann did a great job and I had to put the items together so you could see.  I did a little editing with the items I put in the final picture, but I’ve left all the links below so you can see everything she suggested.  Thanks Georgeann!

"Goodnight Moon" at Ikea





Beds – Paint Red

Blue lamp
Red Lamp

Side table – paint yellow
Yellow Side Table

Rocker – White
Yellow Pillow

Curtains – Striped Fabric

Alarm Clock

Red Clock

Red vase

Round rug


Green Bedspread

Red Blanket

Drying Rack

Red bowl

Feeding Spoon

Wall Stickers

Red Balloon Mobile

Basket with Handle

Planet pendant lamp

Sun ceiling lamp

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