Shopping Guide: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is one of my favorite stores for wacky, unusual, kitschy or retro accessories for kids’ rooms.  Their inventory is constantly changing, so when you find something fun, make sure to pick it up.  I’ve put together a guide of my current favorite items.$detailmain$$detailmain$

1- Lego Stereo Alarm Clock– $38

2- Elephant Bank– $12$detailmain$$detailmain$

3- Monkey Door Hook Set of 3– $12

4- Bird Silhouette Hook– $8$detailmain$$detailmain$

5- Atlas Tapestry-$40

6- Tufted State Rug 4×6- $148$detailmain$$detailmain$$detailmain$

7- Neon Fawn Lamp– $48

8- Liger Lamp– $48

9- Circus Seal Lamp– $30

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