Shopping Guide: Rocker Roundup!

In honor of my most recent addition to buymoderntoys, (Netto Collection’s Polar Bear Rocker) I am posting this guide to the coolest rocking toys out there.


1- Polar Bear Rocker (buy for $295 from

2olgarocker3Plan Toy Palomino4Knu

2- Sirch Olga Rocker(buy for $280 from modern nursery)

3- Plan Toy Palomino(buy for $78 from

4- Red Ball Rocker from knú (buy for $265 from knú)

5playsamhorse6pippocampus7 rockingmoose

5- Rocking Horse from Playsam (buy for $209 from unica home)

6- Pippocampus Rocking Horse (buy for $229 from Generate)

7- Ekorre Rocking Moose (find it for $40 at your local Ikea)

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