My Modern Nursery #13: Lily’s Room from “Modern Family”

Modern Family” is new on my list of favorite shows. It’s a short list as there’s not much worth watching– and I LOVE TV. I even have an MS in Television Production to prove it. One of the things I love about the show is the gorgeous sets. The one that really catches my eye of course, is the nursery for Mitchell and Cameron’s daughter Lily.
Most people only notice the ridiculous mural, but there’s lots of fun stuff to discover in Lily’s nursery. I have to mention that the room was changed after the Pilot episode and some of my favorite stuff was replaced. This made it look a little more realistic and more like a room someone uses, but I’m going to put the room together as it was designed for the pilot.
Many of the furnishings and accessories here are exactly as used in the show but I have taken some liberties with a few items where I wasn’t able to identify the exact item used on the set and to create a cohesive design. I have no inside connections at the show and was doing this from screen shots.

Lily's Nursery from the Pilot of "Modern Family"

1- Wall Art by Sally Bennett- Oopsy daisy Collection– $45
“Ella Elephant” and “Puddles” are used on the show.

2- Polka Dots and Pink Roses on White Base Lamp from Oopsy daisy design- $138
On the Mini Library in the Pilot and moved onto a table near the crib in later episodes.

3- Oeuf Mini Library– $620

4- P´kolino Clothes Tree– $78
This isn’t actually in the room but there is a coat rack in the room.  I think this one would be more interesting.

5- Silk Multistripe Panel from Pottery Barn Kids- $89-$129 each
These are not the exact drapes used in the show. But they are pastel striped drapes.  The ones in the show aren’t floor length and they have a lot more color in them.

6- Saarinen Womb Chair– $2,763
This was only in the room for the pilot.  I don’t know if it was a real one or a knock-off of course.  I actually really like the chair they replaced it with but I haven’t figured out what it is yet.

7- Verdi the Monkey– from blabla kids- $44

8- Amenity Woods Organic Blanket– $115
Saw this hanging over the front of the crib

9- Rosy Angelis Floor Lamp by Flos– $700
If this isn’t the exact lamp, then it’s awfully close.

10- Large Cherry Blossom Birdies from winborgdesign on etsy- $245

11- Litto Kids Manhattan Crib and
Litto Kids Manhattan Dresser

12- Ball Chair

Try to spot more in this post-Pilot “tour” of the room.

And let me know if you figure out what the current chair they use is.

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