My Modern Nursery #11: Under $3,000

Not everyone likes to go full on into minimal modern design.  This room uses modern furnishings with a warm color palette and subtle Asian influence.  It is cozy space for baby that would appeal to those who weren’t particularly looking for a modern style nursery but wanted something unique and sophisticated.

I would keep the bedding simple with just the bedskirt and some white or cream colored sheets (organic would be best).  Bumpers aren’t recommended and since I don’t like the bumper that comes with the set, I wouldn’t bother with it.  Fortunately you can buy the pieces individually.

1- Wabi Sabi Crib Skirt by Glenna Jean– $62
Black and Tan Checked Pillow– $31
Wabi Sabi Rust Pillow w/ fold by Glenna Jean– $39

2- Argington Bam Crib- $585

3- Ikea Rutbo Floor Lamp– $60

4- Ikea Lillberg Rocking Chair– $150

5- Pakistani Bokhara Red Rug– $924

6- Birds of a Feather Mobile– $65

7- Ikea Rutbo Table Lamp– $30

8- Argington Bam Six-Drawer Dresser– $700

9- On The Way To Grandmother’s House– Limited Edition Print from pumml on esty- $59

10- Playsam Rocking Horse– $210

Total= $2705

You’ll also need to add a crib mattress, crib sheets and changing platform (unless you just want to sit on the floor, which is what I do most of the time anyway).  The most expensive item is the rug, so you can reduce the total cost by finding a less expensive rug or using one that you already own.

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