My Modern Nursery #10: Big Brother’s Room, Reader Request

Part two of my reader’s request is a room for her four year old son.  He likes his ice blue walls and has a light color twin bed.  He, like his baby sister, already has Play Spot tiles from Skip-Hop so I started with that as a base and worked my way up.  He loves his Dr. Seuss sheets (I love ’em too! very cute and fun) but I couldn’t help replacing them with Dwell Studios Chocolate Dots set.  I just love they way they work with the tiles (sorry :-/).  Storage is of great concern in this room as well and I’ve included storage options in as many ways as I could.  As in his sister’s room, a custom closet could go a long way.  Bins, baskets and buckets in brown, blue, gold or green will work great in this room and of course getting rid of excess clutter is of upmost importance (as I must keep telling myself as well).

1- Kids’ Beds: Kids Modern Blonde Blake Bed– $550  Storage trundle underneath is an additional $350 but underbed storage is wonderful in kids’ rooms

2- dwellstudio Chocolate Stripe Twin Sheet Set– $132 and
dwellstudio Chocolate Dots Twin Duvet Set– $166

3- Offi My Pet Lamp TerriBear– $60

4- Ikea PS Cabinet– $100 each

5- Tree of Life Mezuzah– $45

6- Wetlands 16×22 Stretched Print– $70
Duck Floor Pillow– $110

7- Offi Kapsule Chair– $50  This chair is hollow for storage

8- Infant Play Spot in Blue & Gold from Skip Hop- $79

9- Cuckoo Clock- Aqua from decoylab- $28

10- Expedit from Ikea– $160- This shelf can store books, toys etc… You can add boxes or baskets to hide some of the clutter and they also sell door inserts is you really want to hide things away.  Search flickr for more ideas on how to fill up an Expedit.

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