20 May 2015, 8:41pm
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Nursery Nook Number 1

Do full nursery boards overwhelm you? Don’t have a separate room that can be entirely devoted to baby? Or are you really practical and don’t want to devote a lot of space and money on an elaborate nursery plan? I hear you, I feel you and I’ve got you covered. I call it the “nursery nook.” This can be a bedroom shared with a sibling, a corner of mom and dad’s room, half the home office or even a well-ventilated closet.

The nursery nook should cover three main functions– sleeping, sitting (snuggling/reading/feeding), and changing– but you need to do it with at most 2 pieces of furniture. Tricky? Only a tiny bit. So here’s how you might handle these three functions… Sleep in a crib, sit propped up in bed and use a small changing table. Or you could use a compact crib, sit in a rocker and change baby on a blanket on the floor. You may like co-sleeping, change baby on a dresser top and add a comfy glider to the room. See how this work?

For our first sample nursery nook (I imagine this one is incorporated into a master or guest bedroom), we used a full sized crib, a small rocker and you can change baby on a blanket or towel on the floor or bed.  As you can see, using just a pair of key pieces and a handful of accessories (starting with two that we’ve already blogged about this week), your nursery nook can be picture perfect in no time.

Mini Nursery 1

Crib- Gelato by Babyletto- $400
Crib Sheet- Hush Little Baby from Iviebaby- $65
Pillows- Luxury Alpaca Pillows from Juniper Wilde- $78 each
Mobile- Turquoise Ombre Dream Catcher from Ordinary Mommy- $45
Art- Pecking from Cincuentas- $21
Rocker- (Eames knockoff to save $) Homelegance Cradle Rocking Chair- $103 (or splurge and get the real thing)

Luxury Alpaca Pillows from Juniper Wilde

Juniper Wilde is debuting new knitted cushions. Featuring luxurious alpaca yarns these amazing pillows are a great addition to her already lovely product line.

Luxury Alpaca Pillows from Juniper Wilde

$78 each, these are now available. Throw these in the crib with yesterday’s sheet selection and you’ve got a picture perfect nursery in the bag.

18 May 2015, 10:24am
etsy find:

Crib Sheet Favorite from Iviebaby

It’s no secret that we’re fans of anything Elizabeth puts out from Iviebaby. You really can’t go wrong with her patterns and colors, but if you’re looking to make a statement with you crib sheet (literally), check out the “Hush Little Baby” crib sheet. $65

Hush Little Baby Crib Sheet from Iviebaby

For more Iviebaby, just visit the etsy shop.

Some affiliate links included.

Baby Jives Dreamers

Known far and wide for the most magical mobiles, Baby Jives is introducing new Dreamers wall hangings / modern dream catchers. There are three versions of the Baby Jives Dreamer…

Modern Dreamer- $80

Modern Dreamer

Modern Minimal Circle Dreamer- $100


Modern Circle Dreamer- $125


You can pick your feather colors and choose gold or silver for any of the Dreamers.

Watch out Jahje, I may have to order one of these custom for our new house!

Donna Wilson Hobby Horses

I love a new twist on a classic toy and when it features the unique style of Donna Wilson, it’s a must-see in my book.

Donna Wilson Hobby Horse Giraffe Zebra

There are three styles of Hobby Horses including a Giraffe, Zebra and Llama (my boys’ favorite!). $94

Stokke® Home™

Stokke Home is a modular nursery furniture range that can be arranged to suit your needs from birth to age 5.

Stokke Home Cradle

This stunning nursery collection most prominently features the incredible Home Crib ($700).

Stokke Home Bed

You can accessorize the crib with a roof, or tent. There’s also a Crib Guard for when you’re using the crib as a toddler bed.

Stokke Home Bed

If you’re not quite ready to start with the Home Crib, the Home Cradle ($360) is a small lightweight bassinet that can be used separately or can hang within the crib. When baby grows out of the cradle, the frame can be used with the changer top or even converted into a small desk.

Stokke Home Cradle

The Home Dresser ($530) is compact with three drawers and can be used with the Home Changer ($250) on top while you need it.

Stokke Home Dresser

I think Stokke has a huge hit with the Stokke Home line. The simple, clean design is relatively affordable, the range can be customized to suit your needs and it’s super fun. How can your nursery not be picture perfect with a collection like this?

10 May 2015, 7:37pm
just for fun

Happy Mother’s Day

So it seems Mother’s Day is my one day a year where I step out from behind the page here. We were out of town this weekend so our annual Mother’s Day photo almost didn’t happen, but we made it home with a little daylight to spare and my boys gathered around for a quick selfie before dinner.

While it’s not my favorite photo of the three of us (this morning’s makeup, didn’t do my hair, the boys are long overdue for a haircut and we didn’t coordinate our outfits), I know that in the future I would have regretted skipping this year (our 6th and last in this home). Also since I didn’t expect perfection, we got this picture with a lot less aggravation than it usually requires. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

Mother's Day 2015

Hope you too had a nice busy day, and even if it wasn’t perfect, at least it was less aggravating than usual!

Wee Gallery Blankets and Pillows

I’ve been waiting anxiously for these to be posted on Wee Gallery and they’re finally up! If you’re loving the black and white trend, you’re going to want to snap these up!

The Organic Wild Baby Quilt ($90) features bears and tigers (oh my!).

wee gallery black and white bear and tiger organic baby quilt

Then there’s also a Bear Pillow and a Tiger Pillow ($45 each) to match.

wee gallery bear and tiger black and white pillows

You may also want to consider their new stroller cards.

Stuffed Critters from Pergamo Paper Goods

They may be know for their beautiful illustrated paper goods, but I love the characters from Pergamo Paper Goods in plush form.


$18 each

Some affiliate links included.
5 May 2015, 7:40am
shopping guide:

More Crib Sheets from Olli + Lime

As if there weren’t enough cool modern choices for mixing and matching at Olli + Lime already, now new crib sheets make your choices even more fun (and difficult to make!).

Take a look at Grid (which I want for my own bed!),


Triangle in Charcoal and


Triangle in Black.


Mini Triangle in teal is a new color and


Woodland (mint) and


Woodland (blush) are a really interesting new design.


Finally there’s Deer (gray) and


Deer (white).


Decisions, decisions…

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